A place for the sacred.
A place for the creative.

St Mark’s is the oldest public building in Hunters Hill.

It began its life as a school during the week and a chapel on the weekend.

It was fondly known as the Tarban School House and Figtree Chapel.

In 1961/2 it was moved to its location on Figtree Road, and became known as St Mark’s Anglican Church.

Honouring the “Figtree Chapel”, the name “syconium” comes from the fruit of the fig tree, the fig.

A fig is actually an inverted flower. Into the centre of the fig a tiny insect crawls to fertilise thousands of flowers, which in turn bear fruit. This inner part is the syconium.

The Syconium

Our desire is for the interior of St Mark’s to be like the syconium, a place where good fruit is born through the creative arts, especially local artists.

With its beautiful sandstone and stained glass, it is a stunning space that encourages creativity – of heart and mind.

It is a flexible space that allows worship on Sunday morning and for creative events and activities to be hosted throughout the week.

Synconium 10
Synconium 9
Synconium 8
Synconium 7
Synconium 6
Synconium 5
Synconium 4
Synconium 3
Synconium 2
Synconium 1

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