Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Event Description

Shalom! In 2023 (February 27th to March 15th) I look forward to leading a Pilgrimage to the sacred lands of Israel/Palestine where the bible comes to life!

This will be one of many pilgrimages I have led to this sacred land – as each time I visit I discover a bit more about my faith, the biblical stories, and contemporary issues in the Middle East.

This is not a tourist experience, but a pilgrimage. Unlike other tours there is more time given to be in sacred spaces, to reflect and pray in them, and to engage with one another as we walk a journey together.

However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t keep a reasonable pace as there is much to see and engage with! We start early each morning, usually departing after Morning Prayer and Breakfast for 8am. We return late afternoon with enough time for a break before our evening meal, and Evening Prayer or Compline. We eat a little earlier in the evening to allow us to go out after dinner, especially in Jerusalem where there is so much to see and do! To compensate there is some free times built into the journey for recovery, and for sacred space.

This is a “boutique” Pilgrimage with limited numbers (a minimum of ten and maximum of 18 in total). This allows us to move more easily, to get to know each other a little better, and to get to places that often large tour groups cannot!

If you are interested, I’d love to hear from you and would be most happy to catch up to talk further and answer any questions you may have.

Shalom! Peace!

Rev’d Michael Armstrong

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27th February, 2023
Israel & Palestine