We desire every person to have faith in Jesus Christ, because we know that such faith brings love, hope, joy and peace that is beyond imagining and comprehension!

Baptism is a visible sign of that faith.

A faith that is living, and active!

Baptism in our Parish is not an event that you “book”, but a sacrament into which you are invited to participate within by the Rector, when the time is right.

Those who are invited for Baptism are active and regular worshipping members of our congregation, thus already fulfilling the promises they are about to make at Baptism – the promise to raise children in faith.

If a commitment to regularly worship with us is not possible for you at this time, then perhaps a Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child (see below) might be a great option for you?

Click here for some further information, and straight talking, about baptism.


A Service of Thanksgiving
for the Gift of a Child

Life, and especially new life, is very sacred. We recognise the desire of parents and grandparents to celebrate the birth of children and to ask God to bless them as they begin their journey.

The ‘Service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child’ is a short liturgy which makes no demands of belief or commitment from the parents. Instead, it expresses our deepest wishes and desires, and pronounces God’s blessing on your child. It is a meaningful liturgy which brings together the past and the present.

The Service may be conducted at any location within reasonable travel distance or within the church at a suitable time to be negotiated between the minister and the family.

The Service is also able to be personalised to your family and situation. A sample copy can be downloaded here.

For further information please contact the Rector, Rev’d Michael Armstrong via email.